CrossRobotics End of Arm Tooling

End of Arm Tooling is what changes a robot from a interesting actuator into a useful tool.  Cross  Company has a long history of providing standard and custom End of Arm tooling solutions to industry for use on our own robotic solutions as well as others.  

  • Adaptive Grippers: Robotiq
  • Force Transducers: Robotiq
  • Mechanical Grippers: Schunk Pneumatic & Electro-Mechanical
  • Vacuum: Coval & Joulin
  • Specialty: Adept

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Download Robotiq EBook: Adding Extra Sensors to Your Cobot

In Robotiq's EBook, learn about:

  • How to assess the benefits of extra sensors, to find out if they are right for your business needs
  • Examples of applications and how different sensors can improve them
  • The top four sensors for collaborative robots
  • Which factors affect sensor integration, including communication options and programming capabilities in your business


Cross Company and Universal Robots are partners in Alabama (AL), Tennessee (TN), Florida (FL), Mississippi (MS), Georgia (GA), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC) and Virginia (VA).