Specialty Machinery

Automation, Control and Data Tracking Solutions

Automation and Control for Specialty Machinery by Cross Company

Whether your application is high speed or high precision the Automation Group specializes in offering multi-axis motion technologies including conveyor and turntable applications. This is typically complemented with a wide variety of vision capabilities including location, inspection and placement checking functions. We offer innovative approaches to meet your accuracy requirements and offer single-source capability that ensures control over every aspect of system development and cost resulting in automation systems that deliver the leading edge performance you demand.

  • High Speed Inspection Systems
  • Poultry Processing Equipment
  • Textile & Fiber Optic Machinery
  • Magazine / Newspaper Sorting & Insertion Equipment
  • Material Transporting & Sorting Equipment
  • Printed Circuit Board Handling Equipment
  • Machinery for Wood Working & Building Products
  • Distribution Center Automation Solutions
  • Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Machinery