Andy Larson's Robotic Blog Series

Universal Robots's "Cage-Free" technology will completely change manufacturing in the United Sates within 3-5 years. ~ Andy Larson

The "Cage Free" Universal Robot provides almost limitless potential for revolutionizing your work space. This lightweight, easily programmed, mobile robotic arm works without safety cages.

So you're considering a workplace-friendly Collaborative Cage-Free Robot. But which is better? That depends on your situation.

To prove Teach Mode's universal value, Andy had Andrew Abernathy, a marketer, program the robot.

Robotic specialist Andy Larson publishes a beginner's guide to evaluating and choosing your robotic solution.

Robotics product manager Andy Larson answers his Top 10 Universal Robots FAQs!

Andy Larson gives you 3 Reasons to Choose a Universal Robots Solution: Low Cost of Ownership, Ease of Deployment, and Portability!

If you work for a manufacturer, chances are your company falls into one of three categories when it comes to Robotic Automation

There is an inevitable revolution coming to American Industry and it will be a special kind of robot - one that can easily be set up, programmed, and work beside humans.

Collaborative Automation has many benefits, but the greatest may just be this: unshackling us from the repetitive and mundane.

Andy Larson talks about using a single machine controller and software package for all of your robotic and motion control applications.

Fixed automation solutions certainly still have their place, but demand for true Flexible Automation is on the rise.

Meet the latest addition to the Universal Robots industrial robotic arms - it's light and nimble!

With all the excitement about the new “Collaborative Robot” offerings being introduced, it would be a natural conclusion to think that being ‘Collaborative’ is all about the hardware. That is not necessarily true.

Robot singularities happen because robots are controlled by math (which is okay with infinity), but are made of real, physical moving parts (which isn't). Learn what they are and how to deal with them.

This article will detail how to use an Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner with a Universal Robot.

Collaborative robots bring many benefits to an industrial environment, chief among them safety. However, with Universal Robots, once most people go through a demo, they become most excited about how easy the robots are to program.

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