Scott Fetzer Electrical Group & Universal Robots Solution

Cross Company received a lead from Universal Robots around June of 2014. Scott Fetzer Electrical Group was investigating robot based solutions to improve their manufacturing processes and lower production costs. One of their goals was to develop a deployable robot fleet for their workforce in order to put their automation resources where it was needed as demand changed. One of their other goals was to standardize on a single technology that was quick to deploy and had a small learning curve. This would allow their internal tech team to be self-sufficient throughout their deployment.

This was a job for a collaborative robot (cobot).

Having seen several online videos, Scott Fetzer came into the conversation prepared with a good idea on whether the Universal Robot would work for their projects in terms of payload, functionality, flexibility and speed. What they really wanted to see was that it would truly be something that they could come up to speed on quickly and would be safe for their operators to work around.

At the time, we only had a few Universal Robot demo units that were shared among almost 20 account managers covering our geographical territory of 8 states - rest assured, we have added more! With limited availability of our physical unit, I showed the simplicity of the teach pendant programming environment through the simulation software on my computer.

Based on that meeting, their engineering was convinced the Universal Robot was their long term solution. Since their first shipment of two units, they have been able to use their standardized solutions for a variety of in-house automation projects as shown in the video. We are thrilled to have been able to help provide a solution that has resulted in improved quality and decreased costs for Scott Fetzer Electrical Group.

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