Give Your Universal Robot a Sense of Touch: Robotiq FT300

Introducing Robotiq's Force Torque Sensor (6 Axis): FT300

Robotiq's FT300 is specifically designed to be plug-and-play with Universal Robots. The FT300 simplifies automating high precision tasks such as assembly, product testing or precise part insertion. Plus, it's fast and easy to set-up.

robotiq ft300

  • The FT300 is made for Universal Robots - everything from hardware to software is included for a quick installation
  • Automate Force Sensitive Tasks - do more on the factory floor now that your cobot has a sense of touch
  • Reliably perform precision part insertion, assembly & fabrication, or automated product testing
  • Reliable & Stable - the FT300 digital signal is not affected by noise

Universal Robot's force limited collaborative robots can do some amazing things, but as capable as they are, there are times where an even more delicate touch is desired.  Whether you are working with delicate pieces and you want to limit the amount of force the part sees or you want to add real time SPC data collection on critical part assembly, the FT300 can broaden the number of applications your flexible automation can handle.  As with their well known adaptive grippers, Robotiq already has done all the heavy lifting when it comes to the implementation of this solution by providing all the necessary configuration files and software interface.  Feel free to contact the CrossRobotics team to discuss how this industry leading digital solution can help you with your next automation project.

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