Watch this video (with instructions) on how to connect the Parker P-Series Servo Drive to the TwinCAT 3 controller. Parker recently introduced their high-performance and cost-effective P-Series Servo Drives. One version offers the speed and flexibility of an EtherCAT network. We were asked to show how the drive would perform to the open standards of the EtherCAT protocol.

Many people turn to suppliers in the marketplace for precision motors to deliver rotary or linear movements. Many of those suppliers deliver varying quality of their products both in the initial specifications and, more importantly, over the life of a particular product line. That consistency is of great concern to OEM’s.

Accuracy, Repeatability, Resolution. All can be found on spec sheets and manuals, but are often misunderstood, used interchangeably, or just plain confused. Let's review an application example to see how they all relate in practice.

When it comes to precision motion control solutions and high output servo systems for OEM’s, the price vs. performance and reliability tradeoffs are extremely important. Let's talk about the Omron 1S Servo.

In this tutorial video presentation, Michael Davis, Robotics Field Service Technician for CrossRobotics, will demonstrate step-by-step how to replace the Wrist 3 Joint on a Universal Robots model UR5. Michael provides us with a few tips and tricks for this procedure which will hopefully make your joint replacement process a smooth one. Detailed instructions and images can be found in the UR5 Service Manual.