Pneumatic specialists at Cross Company have the knowledge and experience to give you an optimum solution for your pneumatics application requirements. Whether it involves "right sizing" your components to achieve a smaller package at a more competitive price, applying the correct gripper or work holding device, or interfacing the latest electronic logic controls, Cross can help you achieve a Competitive Edge.

Gain that Competitive Edge

  • Valves - directional control, fieldbus electronic, poppet, explosion proof, miniature, proportional control
  • Cylinders & Actuators - NFPA/ISO Standard, grippers, rotary, indexer, rodless, slides, stainless, air bellows, swing clamps, custom designs, round-line, rod locks
  • Air Preparation - filters, regulators, lubricators, precision & proportional regulators
  • Vacuum - generators, grippers, cups & accessories, switches, robotic end-of-arm tools
  • Accessories - fittings, tubing, gauges, flow controls, check valves, aluminum framing, manifolds, switches